React Native iOS, Android & Web

You can build Website, iOS App, Android App from this one course. React Native is powered by FACEBOOK. Join this unique course for crossplatform development...

web development

HTML 5, CSS3, PHP 5.6/7.0, Mysql 5.7, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap, WordPress and, Domain / Hosting Purchasing and Config.


Java and Android Studio, 2 Apps Build in the course and PlayStore Submission

Oracle DataBase

Advance SQL /PLSQL Programming, Industrial level Form Builder 6I/10g, Industrial Level Reports Builder 6I/10g, Business Logic Algorithm, Server/Client Configuration, Project Handling and Deployment


Unity 3d Game Development Studio, Excellent knowledge of game creation, Learn C#, a powerful modern language.

Linux operating system

Install and configure Linux Networking and IP classes Concepts. Administrative operations, Servers Configuration:-DNS, Web, PHP, MySQL, FTP, Zimbra Mail Exchange, Squid (Proxy Server), DHCP, Samba (File Sharing Linux to windows), Provide system wide security using Linux firewall and packet filter.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis, OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO, Web stats and Management, Structure Data Markup Helper, YouTube Earning